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Nicole Alvarez

My name is Nicole Alvarez and I am a proud Cuban American born and raised mostly in Miami. To cut to the chase, I am a fiery wild child who has gotten in a fair share of trouble, but somehow I've always managed to get to the other side. I have been a radio baby my entire life. At 11 I told my parents that I would work in radio when I grew up and that was that. I fully committed. I have done most of my growing up at KROQ in Los Angeles, from nights to middays, hosted exclusive events, gotten to know my listeners, relied on an honest approach and fine tuned my musical insight. I find people and the psychology of behavior fascinating, so I do pride myself on conducting in-depth interviews. It's the scariest part of my job but also my favorite. I have had the insane privilege of sitting down with some of the biggest artists in the world like the Foo Fighters, Metallica, Linkin Park, Incubus, Panic! At The Disco, Billie Eilish, The Killers, Mumford and Sons, and more. It's a nerve wracking and humbling experience each and every time, but I learn more and more with each and I am a devoted student of the art of conversation. I'll eventually get it right.

I have some fun on the side. I was recently asked to serve on the rock committee for the Grammy's and I fully intend to move the needle in the right direction. I do some other fun stuff on AXS TV’s The Top Ten Revealed, I've co-hosted Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Chris Donahue, I've moonlighted as an event correspondent for MTV, and sat in on nationally syndicated shows like Out of Order. I love to write. I really love to write.
Nicole Alvarez

My other huge passion is The Suitcase Joe Foundation.I am actively involved with the homeless community, from warehouse work to fully immersing myself in the street culture. My team and I focus on distributions and creating awareness, plus bringing dignity back to the forgotten people of the streets. Besides hosting charity events for different organizations, I like to be hands on as much as possible.

I don't need or want to be rich or famous. I want to be happy. I want to help people. I want to see this great big psychotic and stunning world we live in. I have a bucket list I live by and I am pretty good at checking off items; From running with the bulls in Pamplona, to drinking my weight in beer on table tops at Oktoberfest in Germany, sipping Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby, sky diving over the coast of California, diving in the Florida Keys, and swimming with black tip sharks in French Polynesia, adventure always leads the way. One of the best things in life, to me, is seeing my favorite artists play iconic venues all over the world. I probably will never own a home because I rather spend it all on the experiences. I guess some would say I am a bit bohemian, but with bite.
Nicole Alvarez
I am incapable of working with numbers. I hate math, math hates me. I collect knives and swords. I like sunsets over sunrises, drinks with no ice, super hero movies, boots, tattoos, really deep and emotional conversations, the shade of blue you only see at concerts, Sunkist, my headphones, making playlists, laughing until I lose my breath, and singing the same song as thousands of strangers all in one room. I like french fries in my cheeseburgers.

I have a little girl. Her name is Evie. I named her after my hero and she set my sails on a better course. I keep her close to the vest. Music, my kiddo, my passport, my family, some whiskey, and the ocean...that's a good life more me.
Nicole Alvarez

I try to be fearless with my words and will always try to sum up a situation poetically. If you were to ask me what else I want to do in life, I would most likely smile and say, "live it". 

The end. ​​

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