5pm Commercial Free Drive Home

February 14, 2017

It’s 5pm and you’re stuck in traffic…urrrrr!  But wait –your Helpful SoCal Honda Dealers want to make your drive home COMMERCIAL FREE on KROQ.  That’s right! Every weekday during the 5pm hour you’ll hear all your favorite KROQ tunes without any commercial interruptions!

Los Angeles officially has the worst traffic in the world, and that’s not just us saying it –it’s proven by the global traffic research firm INRIX.  Angelenos spent an average of 104 hours stuck in traffic last year!  Russia comes in at #2 with 91 hours sitting in gridlock, followed by Manhattan, New York (89 hours), San Francisco (83 hours), and Bogota, Columbia (80 hours).

So, those Guys in Blue are real…and helpful!  Follow the SoCal Honda Dealers on Facebook and Instagram or on Twitter @HelpfulHonda to find out where they’ll be popping up with a Random Act of Helpfulness next!

Tune in to KROQ or listen online here!